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TA101 Course

TA101: Understanding yourself and others
Your communication toolkit in a 2-day professional development course 

Lecture Hall Tutor
  • Transactional Analysis (TA) is a powerful set of tools that can have an enormous impact on your personal and professional interactions, communication, relationships and life.

  • TA is an approach that has both depth and breadth. It is not a "quick fix" and will always stand you in good stead whatever your situation.

  • TA is a theory of human development, personality and communication and its more than just that – it can help us understand ourselves more, gain insights and increase self-awareness and help us bring about change.

This course not only provides a clear understanding of the concepts of transactional analysis it can also act as a springboard for personal growth and professional development. 

Its can be easy to understand with its jargon-free language, in fact founder Dr Eric Berne deliberately created it that way. His goal was to create a psychological approach to understanding human behaviours in a way that everyone could understand it, from children to adults, from the boardroom to the shop floor.  This two day course is packed with powerful psychological theory that has the inspiring quality of being easily usable for the newcomer, yet with a level of depth that can intrigue and excite practitioners for a lifetime. Transactional Analysis theories will enrich your dealings with people, and your understanding of yourself.

Course Location & Fees

TA101 is being held at St Andrews, 30 The Terrace, Wellington on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th November 2024.


The fee is just $290 for both days inclusive of GST.  



TAAANZ Members receive a $50 discount (join here) plus, if you are a member AND attend the 3 full days of the TAAANZ International conference, there is an additional $50 discount.

NOTE: if you wish to secure the discounts above please follow these steps:
1. Become a TAAANZ Member 
2. Complete the Conference Registration and payment process  

Then come back to this page to complete your TA101 payment. Thank you.

Your Facilitator

Dr Mandy Lacy  TSTA (Organisational) 

Mandy specialises in change management, transformation including benefits realisation management, communications and organisational development.

She is an experienced consultant, leader, facilitator, coach and trainer and brings a wealth of expertise across governance, strategic and operational aspects within enterprise, programme and project environments in organisations.  


Qualified as a teaching and supervising transactional analyst (TSTA) in the organisational field, Mandy has a deep understanding of people and systems.  She also holds a Learning Science and Technology Master's Degree and completed her PhD research in workplace efficiencies through group memory and learning in the workplace.

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