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TAAANZ wishes to cultivate and sustain a culture of collaboration and proactive communication in all areas of its activities.

In the spirit of co-operation and to avoid conflicts of timing, all local trainers, i.e., PTSTA and TSTAs teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand are requested to inform their colleagues about any training they are offering or organising before​ advertising the event on the TAAANZ website.

Our advertising policy is as follows:

1. TAAANZ members may advertise any TA workshop, seminar or similar training event at no cost​.

2. Non-members may advertise any TA workshop, seminar or similar training event for the cost of $100.

3. All TA events hosted by the ITAA or other recognised TA associations and their affiliates may be advertised at no cost.

4. Events organised by other professional organisations whose purpose is complementary to that of the TAAANZ (e.g., the NZAC or the NZAP), and, where the event is in line with the TAAANZ’s constitutional mandate, may be advertised at the cost of $100​.

5. Advertising for the sale and purchase of TA resources is subject to the above criteria.

The Communications Officer is responsible for approving advertising requests and will consult with at least one other Board member if there is any doubt about the criteria being satisfied.

Approved advertisements will be posted to the Events page of the website, and a notification will be sent to current TAAANZ members.

Please Contact Us to arrange advertising or if you have any questions about this policy.

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