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2024 International Transactional Analysis Conference in Aotearoa New Zealand

We are delighted to to annouce that the Transactional Analysis Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (TAAANZ) is hosting an international conference November 2024 in Wellington. 

The conference embraces karangarua – unity through diversity in relationship.

In what many of us experience as an increasingly conflictual world, it appears more important than ever to invite a focus on whanaungatanga (relationships) and our transactional analysis of them.

The themes of the conference invite us to experience, think about and discuss how we do this – meeting, greeting, and seating – in a way that is respectful of both hosts and guests, while also acknowledging difference and diversity.

We also want to provide a space in which we can think about and discuss what happens when we don’t do this so well, when relationships are ruptured in various ways, and how we can understand and intervene in disagreement, conflict, violence, and war. Thus, we are also calling for papers and workshop presentations on these themes.

To find out more and to register click here.  


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